Literature Emitting Diodes Anthology

Carley Gomez and Levi Sherman, Editors

Literature Emitting Diodes is a three-platform publishing project. From July 2015 to July 2016, we accepted open submissions for literary work under 500 words to present on a scrolling LED display. Each month, one piece was selected and the display was hosted at a different Chicago business. Once an installation had run its course, the piece was published on our website and the next publication would commence. This printed anthology is the third platform. It is not the culmination, but rather an equal part of this tripartite project. Like an LED display and online publication, the printed book as a medium has its strengths and limitations. Language is a material. It exists in space and time. As editors, we are grateful for the deep engagement with each piece that this translation from platform to platform has provided. This third publication has not exhausted the texts presented in this book, and we are excited to present them in this form to you, the reader.

Literature Emitting Diodes Anthology

38 pages. Shipping is included in the price below.


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